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The vast majority of us have owned an animal at one time or another. Whether that animal is a friendly companion or a full-fledged member of the family, we have a special attachment to our furry friends. What isn’t so clear is what status our animals have under the law, and that can mean some special legal questions can arise. Animals are property under the law, but they are so much more to us in reality.

Animal law isn’t so much a special type of law, but rather, it is a field that touches on all sorts of legal practice areas. Some of the key areas include:

Wills and Estates: Who is going to care for your beloved pet when you can’t? We can provide assistance during your estate planning to make sure your canine companion or feline friend will keep to the standard of care you expect.

Residential: Not everyone is an animal lover, and not everyone is a responsible owner. This can mean neighbours can have disputes over noise, smells, or wandering pets. It’s important to have practical solutions for both owner and neighbour and we can help develop those solutions.

Personal Injury: Animals have a mind of their own. We do our best to train and teach proper behaviour, but sometimes animals bite or kick. Owners are responsible for their animals, but what steps must you take to protect yourself? How do you know if an owner is not being responsible? Whether a dog bite from a pet or a kick from a horse, you want a lawyer who has some insight into the behaviour of animals and what it means to be a responsible owner.

You can see how Animal Law touches on a variety of legal issues. The thread that ties them altogether is that at the center are pets or livestock. There are unique facts surrounding Animal Law and you want someone who can give you advice while understanding the special place animals have in our society.

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